Boredom as a trigger for creativity

When your child tells you he/she is bored it makes you feel put on the spot, right? We respond to our kids’ boredom by providing entertainment or structured activities. Here is why one shouldn’t do that. Children need to engage with the raw stuff of life: Unstructured Time.

Boredom presents an opportunity

Unstructured time gives children the opportunity to explore their inner and outer worlds, which is the beginning of creativity. This is how they learn to engage with themselves and the world, to imagine and invent and explore their own passions.
As parents, you have the good intention of cultivating a love of reading in your children. However, suggesting that your child read a book to cure his/her boredom may have the opposite effect. Instead, try to stop what you are doing and focus on your child for 5 minutes. Many children use the boredom excuse to gain attention. Really connect with your child for these few minutes. In most cases, your child will be on his/her way fairly soon.

If your child can read, there is never “nothing” to do. e-Library has a wonderful selection of e-books to pique your child’s interest. Remember, e-Library also has read-along books for those who are still learning. A whole world of books awaits  discovery. Imagine your joy when you find your child later snuggled up with an e-book without any encouragement.

Sourced from www.ahaparenting.com