What we offer

e-Library is an online resource offering endless reading pleasure and learning opportunities through e-books. Our books can be read online on a laptop, home computer or accessed via tablets and smartphones utilising our user-friendly application. We offer the following kinds of material:

  1. English books
  2. Afrikaans books
  3. Non-fiction and educational books
  4. Fiction titles, including classic story books as well as popular new reads
  5. Audio books
  6. Read-along books
  7. Books for parents.

Our library is the first of its kind for the homeschooling community in South Africa, giving you access to the world’s top-rated reading material at affordable prices. We have utilised OverDrive, one of the world’s largest companies providing online material to libraries. Through this key relationship, we have the systems and resources to enable our members to access thousands of popular and classic book titles. Because we have a passion for supporting homeschooling in South Africa, our selection of books is based on advice and recommendations from local childhood development and learning support specialists. This means that we are able to offer you and your child the best books available anywhere in the world.

We offer an affordable option for members to access online resources with books. Up to three books can be booked out for up to a fortnight. If readers finish reading the books earlier, they are able to return these books sooner and take out three more titles. We sign up single readers, siblings and families, but are not able to offer group membership to cottage schools, community groups or mainstream schools. Instead, we focus on single families, specifically those who are homeschooling.

Our registration process is quick and simple, ensuring that children who use our site independently are set up from the outset with access to age-appropriate material. Our site is easy to navigate and assists children to develop good computer skills as well as reading and language abilities. Sign up and enjoy cost-effective access to a wealth of reading pleasure!