Teaching a love for reading at home, written by Michelle, a homeschool mom of 3

For the past 5 years I have learned something I never knew – the impact that reading to your children has on them and general family life.

Some of the best moments in our homeschool journey were ones that I have shared with my children while reading to them. This is truly an experience that has immeasurable advantages. We have found so many positive things out of this one simple action.

What gives us the most joy is the knowledge we gain and the life lessons learnt from all the books. We as a family love to read a book together and discover the meaning of many things we didn’t know. What a pleasure to read an e-book on one’s device, and when in doubt or not understanding, just googling it immediately. This is a great way for us to learn! As we go along, we develop a positive attitude towards learning. Furthermore, I have found that we improve our vocabulary and there is lots of time to explain certain things that need more clarification. Reading to my children has built their attention span and also helped with auditory development.

I truly believe that the reading- together-times are the precious moments our kids will always remember. I have seen how reading encouraged the imagination and expanded the knowledge of my children. We also developed an even closer relationship between each other. When they sit on your lap or close to you, the whole reading experience is even more fun and more cosy.

Lastly, talking about the books after reading to them and talking about the content and lessons learned from it, have a much deeper impact than you could ever imagine. That way they remember even more of it.

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