Read with your “ears” – From a Mother of 3

Audio books are an amazing tool. My family discovered audio books in only the last two years. What a pity I would say.  There are so many possibilities when it comes to this book format. Audio books can be harnessed to assist you in your child’s learning journey in order to improve his/her performance. Narrators can bring a book to life through their theatrical retelling of a great story. I love it when they bring in music and sound effects too. I can feel the passion that they put into their audio books.

In my family, we multitask when listening to audio books. I listen when I am stuck in traffic or driving in the car to neighbouring countries. As a mom, I cook while listening to audio books. My kids sit and draw, colour in, play with the dog – all while listening to a great story. Fitting in a good book, even while I am busy with other tasks, turns them into a great experience. There is no guilt trip because I haven’t read a good book in a while.

There are so many amazing living, rich audio books in e-Library. What’s even better is that all these audio books can all be found in one place. There’s no need to keep CD cases in the car or at home, taking up space. I am totally in love with the idea that my audio books are carried on a device in my handbag.

It is all very simple. And for a busy mom like me, that is a very important thing.