Why e-library

Homeschooling is currently one of the fastest-growing local trends in education and it’s becoming an increasingly popular choice. e-Library aims to be an integral aspect of homeschooling, providing families with quality reading material and audio books. We offer a variety of books through our digital library. e-Library is convenient and affordable and it enables homeschooled children and parents to access online resources, anywhere, at any time.  We provide varied subject matter, so that children of all age groups can read safely and easily across a variety of subjects, with a fascinating range of information and learning themes.

We provide families with membership to our e-Library. Our online blogs, book reviews and book popularity polls are provided to our readers. In addition, e-Library enables you to request books if they are not already available on the system.

e-Library provides quality reading material to a diverse membership, including books in different languages, spanning fiction and non-fiction. We also provide audio books and read-along books to readers and learner readers.

Children being homeschooled can enjoy the freedom and independence of accessing e-Library at any time. e-Library is also ideal for distance learning, where learners are away from home or located in far-away locations.

Our e-books complement any homeschooling curriculum, with a wide variety of topics, subjects and areas of interest readily and easily available through a secure online channel. Give your child access to hours of fun, learning and adventure with e-Library, your trusted partner in online education. e-Library is affordable and offers a value-for-money service to make books easy to find, easy to read and easy to enjoy!

Children can take books out on their e-Library subscription and never worry about losing or damaging them. If they don’t like the book, they can simply return it and replace it with another or, if they need more time to read or re-read a book, they can renew the title. They can also have fun monitoring news and views about popular books or they can request new books if these aren’t already available on e-Library. With links to OverDrive, one of the world’s biggest online book providers, e-Library has access to a wealth of options.