Distance Learning in South Africa

Homeschool Curriculum

e-Library was created by a group of homeschooling parents. Through homeschooling their own children, they experienced the benefits and challenges of this approach and are committed to supporting children and parents with e-books in the homeschooling community. With the help of skilled and competent educators, e-Library offers a range of specially selected and carefully reviewed reading material.

Our online library offering caters for a diverse range of readers but is always age-appropriate and designed to complement your homeschool curriculum. Parents who are home educators can also enjoy a variety of good books, including audio books. More importantly, by linking with e-Library, parents and children can enjoy the benefits of a service that guarantees quality, relevance and positive learning.

The beauty of e-Library is that it’s affordable and easily accessible and, if children don’t like a book they’ve selected, they simply exchange their choice. With a set monthly subscription, parents are buying unlimited choice and quality, with members able to enjoy as many books as they want. It’s a hassle-free option, with online support and a system that’s easy to navigate and use.

e-Library does not support a specific curriculum or product. We believe that our service will enrich your homeschooling curriculum irrespective of your individual approach. e-Library is a winning choice that’s affordable and convenient with unlimited benefits!