Distance Learning in South Africa

Distance Learning South Africa

Many homeschooling options require children to participate in distance learning modules. Fortunately, with modern technology, connecting with the outside world is easy and e-Library is a resource aimed at supporting distance learning in South Africa. Besides offering a large variety of reading resources to support a diverse membership, e-Library provides a safe environment where children can access quality material. Likewise, parents are assured of a value-for-money service that enables their children to benefit from a wealth of resources, available whenever desired or required.

The ease of use and the skills that children will acquire through e-Library provide valuable life skills that put children at the forefront of global learning trends. By signing in, navigating, selecting and managing their subscription and their reading choices, children learn to develop their unique reading preferences and also have sight of the vast array of reading resources available to them.

Books in different languages, new genres and exciting topics will inspire and encourage children to devour a range of books at their own pace and from the comfort of their own home. No matter where they live or where they are in the world, e-Library aims to complement any distance learning curriculum or homeschooling programme.

We are pleased to be part of new trends in learning, new approaches to reading, and new resources to help children learn, grow and thrive.