The Journey of Home-schooling (written by Emmeline)

The Home-Schooling journey … how could one express it in words? It sometimes feels like experiencing all four seasons in one day! It can spark a roller coaster of mixed emotions. It’s beautiful, demanding, painful, frustrating, joyful and challenging, all at the same time. Can you identify with these sentiments?

The Home-schooling journey is often thought of as “off the beaten track”. However, it does not have to be as daunting or overwhelming as it may appear. Is there a recipe for not just enduring this journey, but to truly enjoy it? Is it even possible to not just enjoy it, but to celebrate it? Oh yes, I say there is!

My secret for celebrating the homeschooling journey is comprised of these three things:

Firstly, change is inevitable and it’s a “given”. Make peace with it and embrace it. After eight years of home-schooling, I can honestly say it is a continual process of change and growth.  Initially I thought that our children’s education is the main reason for starting this journey. It took a couple of months down the road before I realised that it is as much for my own personal growth as for theirs.

Secondly, I make sure that I have the support and encouragement of like-minded friends and family. In my home-schooling circle, we challenge and encourage one another on a regular basis. We share resources and create opportunities for each other’s children to grow and excel. Without a supporting community around you, it can be difficult to truly enjoy home-schooling.

Lastly, challenging your mind and broadening your knowledge is key to the success. One of the best ways of doing this is to read a wide spectrum of books and articles on educational philosophies, parenting styles, family relations, communal living and entrepreneurial ideas, to name but a few.

You will find some of these amazing books on e-Library, just refer to the accompanying graphic. They are worth exploring and the ideas contained therein will support you on your journey.