Is the internet safe?

The internet is a resource that can be used safely and effectively by students, BUT this process should be managed properly by their parents. There are numerous ways of safeguarding your child’s use of the internet including browser management tools, ensuring visibility when the internet is used, setting a good example, etc.

How does the free bonus month work (special offer)?

E-Library offers a free month of access to all material after you subscribe. This is extended to all the registered users in your family. Should you wish to continue your membership(s) after the first month, you don’t need to do anything, and the membership fees will be automatically settled through Paygate on a monthly basis as from the same day in the second month.

Should you prefer to increase or decrease users during the first free month, you can do so by logging into your account and adjust the number of  users  Your subscription as from month 2 will then be for those users registered at the end of the first month.

If you decide to terminate your membership before the end of the first free month, you need to advise us no later than 7 days before the day that your second month will commence. Thereafter we will require a month’s notice.

Notice to terminate or adjust memberships must be sent to info@e-library.co.za.

Why is it that when I load my credit card details it appears as if it is set for 3 years?

The subscription to e-Library is on a month to month basis with a one-month notice period should you wish to cancel your subscription. When a new bank card is issued by your bank it is usually valid for a period of 3 years and therefore the default period when you subscribe is also set for three years… Therefore, your bank card will expire before the default period as set up on Paygate. You need have no concern that payments will be collected if you have cancelled your subscription, since you can also instruct MasterCard or Visa, or your bank in the case of debit and cheque cards, to reverse these transactions. Also bear in mind that e-Library is a registered Merchant at The Standard Bank of South Africa and was approved as a merchant by the bank enabling it to accept credit card payments. e-Library must adhere to the merchant requirements of the bank.

When your bank card expires you need to update your card details by logging into the My Account section

Can I share my membership of e-Library with friends and schools?

e-Library offers membership to single families and is not available for mass access by schools or cottage schools. A single membership enables parents and siblings in the same family to enjoy access to e-Library. Upon registration, each sibling’s name and age is registered by yourself, giving them unlimited access to appropriate books in e-Library. We do not offer large-scale membership to e-Library for large groups or schools but restrict membership to siblings and parents in the same family. Should you be interested in obtaining these services for your school, please contact us at info@e-library.co.za and we will direct you to the appropriate contacts who will assist you with your required registration category.

 What software do we need to access e-Library books and resources?

As a member, you can access e-Library resources directly through your browser software (all major browsers are supported). The e-Library web page offers a “Go to Library” link. Because we are linked to OverDrive, one of the world’s biggest providers of online material, you can also install the OverDrive App. This is available for free download from your preferred AppStore or PlayStore. To download books, members can use the free OverDrive mobile or desktop app, or else use free Adobe Digital Edition software to download e-books onto computers. However, do note that material downloaded using Adobe cannot be returned early to the Library.

  What devices can members use to access digital content?

 As a user, you can access e-Library resources using any of the following devices:

  1. Tablets (Android, iOS, Windows)
  2. Smartphones (Android, iOS, Windows Phone)
  3. Windows and Mac computers.

 Can I bookmark a book title or make notes about a book or online resource?

 Yes, you can add bookmarks in any e-book or audio book. If you’re using OverDrive Read or OverDrive Listen (our browser-based reader and player), you’ll also be able to add annotations to borrowed e-books and audio books.

 Can I print pages from e-books or copy and paste text from e-books?

 Permission to print or copy content from an e-book depends on the publisher of the item as they determine the various permissions, so it depends on the specific book that you want to copy or print.

As a member, how long can I retain a book or online resource from e-Library?

 In most cases, you can borrow a book for a two-week period. Sometimes though, some high demand books or audio books can only be checked out for a one-week period. The relevant time will be advised online, so you’ll always know for how long you have had the resource. A user can take out 5 books at a time, each for a loan period of 14 days, but with a cap of 15 books over a 7-day cycle.

As a member, can I renew a title that I’ve already checked out from e-Library?

 Yes, you can renew books from e-Library. Note, however, that if a book you have taken out has been reserved by somebody else, they will have access to it first once your initial lending period is over. So you would have to place a request for the book again and wait for it to be available. If nobody else has placed a request for a book that you already have, you will be able to renew it straight away once your initial lending period expires. Online instructions will explain how this process works and the process is easy to follow.

 Do books need to be returned manually through an online process?

 No, the process is automated online so once your time is up, your access to a particular book or resource automatically expires and you no longer have access to it. If you don’t like a book or you want to return it early – before the stipulated two-week period is over – you can use your chosen App to do an early return and you would then be able to take out another book in its place.