Be an entrepreneur, no matter your age

Entrepreneurship is seen as one of the key contributors in expanding South Africa’s economy. With the current high level of unemployment amongst completed graduates, a degree can no longer be seen as the solution to the unemployment problem. This is further compounded by the low number of students that go so far as to complete a university degree. The low literacy levels of those who do not even complete their High School qualification results in massive youth unemployment in South Africa. These students are seen as “unemployable”.

One of the few solutions to address this growing problem is to encourage entrepreneurship amongst these students. Where do they get started, especially if they have no or limited exposure to entrepreneurship? Below is a list of some books that may assist those that would like to pursue this as a way forward:

Starting your own business by Adam Toren and Matthew Toren, two serial entrepreneurs.

Elon Musk by Ashlee Vance, the story of one of South Africa’s well known entrepreneurs and the individual behind Tesla and SpaceX

Rich kid smart kid by Robert T Kiyosaki, a practical guide and story about teaching your children about business.

The teen’s ultimate guide to making money when you can’t get a job by Julie Fryer is a great resource to help you identify opportunities.

Entrepreneurial spirit is ultimately about seeing the opportunities in your everyday life an and turning just one of them into your business.