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Become a book worm: Encouraging children who don’t like reading

Considering that the benefits of being a book worm include improving one’s literacy skills, it is well worth going through the effort of fostering a love of reading in one’s children. So if your child is more interested in sunshine than in stories, try out a few of these tips below:

  • Read to your children. (Bonus tip: alternate reading with audiobooks and take advantage of e-Library’s great selection.)
  • Prioritise reading. Set aside time during the day which is dedicated to reading. (Bonus tip: Pick out a great story for your child to get him/her started so that you are certain your child’s reading experience is positive.)
  • Enjoy reading. Model good reading behaviour by picking up a book yourself because this will encourage the same.
  • Choose shorter, factual articles to start with if you child is hesitant about reading.
  • Pick the right book. Nobody knows what will catch your child’s interest better than you do.

Reading is one of the first steps in cultivating the leaders of tomorrow. Turn your child into an e-book worm. It will be well worth the effort!