Audio Books

Audio books offer a wonderful learning experience, at home, away, or on the move. Children will be captivated by the narration of our audio books and be transported to new worlds with tales, knowledge and adventure. Listening to stories assists children to develop fundamental language skills and also teaches essential listening skills.

For children and parents, audio books are a fun and a convenient way to enjoy listening to a variety of stories. Narrated by talented experts, audio books give children exposure to different accents, different countries, and wonderful tales and adventures.

Audio Books for Children

e-Library’s audio books are ideal for storytelling on the move. Whether children are listening at home, in the car while travelling to regular or holiday destinations, audio books take children on wonderful journeys to far-off places. They keep children connected with their favourite stories, authors and well-loved characters. As a great way to experience a book, these books bring a story to life and keep children captivated for hours of fun and pleasure. They’re ideal for busy families and for children who want to be occupied while travelling or waiting for mom and dad to get things done! Audio books are also an integral part of auditory development needed for 21st century skills. Tune in to an audio book any time!

Online Audio Books

Online audio books are a wonderful way to experience a book – especially for children who may struggle to read or those who want to recall an old favourite that they have read and enjoyed before. They provide a different format of a story for avid readers and are also ideal for young readers, allowing them to expand their vocabulary, broaden their knowledge and discover new things about new characters in new places. e-Library offers a range of top-quality audio books, narrated by professionals who are able to bring stories to life and spark the imagination. They teach children reading and oral skills, demonstrating how expression and emotion come alive in a good story. Listening to stories develops audio-processing skills for children, which is a fundamental aspect of good language and communication skills. By listening attentively, children experience new words and new worlds and foster a true and lasting love for books. Audio books also enhance memory skills and help children remember important facts in fun ways. This kind of book also enables children to experience books that they may otherwise struggle to read themselves.

Educational Audio Books

Audio books offer a great opportunity for children to develop their learning, reading, listening and communication skills. Audio books also expand their general knowledge and help to spark a curiosity for the world and a love of books. e-Library carefully selects books to enhance their memory, learning and reading abilities and sets them up for life-long learning success.

Join our library and start enjoying unlimited fun and pleasure through our audio books – ideal to listen to at home, while stuck in traffic, on the go, anywhere, anytime!

Download Audio Books

Audio books are easy to access, simple to download and they can be used on a variety of modern devices. e-Library offers you Frequently Asked Questions, troubleshooting and technical support if you are unsure of what to do or how to download an audio book for the first time. Our site is easy to navigate and simple to use, with instruction prompts assisting and guiding you each step of the way.

Join the new generation of audio readers and start enjoying new stories with unlimited listening pleasure.