Distance Learning in South Africa

About e-Library

All parents want their children to learn, grow and thrive. e-Library aims to support families by putting a wide range of quality books within easy reach. An affordable monthly membership fee paves the way for siblings and parents to access quality reading material that is age-appropriate, fun and fascinating. We want to nurture a love of reading and a hunger for learning. Through our ties with OverDrive, a global leader in providing online material, we are able to offer a large variety of books, from classic titles and fiction to non-fiction and a variety of alternatives such as audio books and read-along books. We also include the complete Gutenberg Library, as approved for South Africa. This enables our members to access hundreds of  classic book titles through our e-Library.

In addition to reading, our online approach also enables children to apply their technology skills. Children can browse our site online, read books online, access material via various technology devices, post reviews and track popular recommendations. They can also connect with us via our blog articles which aim to provide useful, fun and entertaining information about the books that our members are enjoying and new titles that are available in our e-Library. Online security is an important factor and e-Library addresses this from the time you first sign up, registering your child’s age and only giving them access to material that’s age appropriate and desirable.

Buying books in bookstores can be prohibitively expensive and access to public libraries is sometimes difficult, with public facilities often lacking stock of new and popular books. e-Library closes this gap and puts a world of top-quality books within easy and affordable reach online. The whole family can enjoy the following reading resources:

  1. Choose from thousands of e-book titles –fiction and non-fiction
  2. Access read-along books
  3. Access audio books
  4. Access books for early readers (pre-schoolers)
  5. Access books aimed specifically at Juveniles (0-12), Young Adults (13-16) and Adults (16+).

Give your children the key to great learning opportunities by subscribing to e-Library. e-Library is a safe online environment where children are free to explore a wealth of material, publish book reviews and stay up-to-date with what’s happening in the world of books.

Our resources also support parents to monitor their children’s reading, enhancing their reading skills and tracking their progress. In short, e-Library is a great resource for children and parents, providing a world of books at an affordable price.

e-Library is a private initiative where we provide access to an electronic library operating on the OverDrive platform.