What is e-Library

e-Library is a convenient and affordable online resource giving you easy access to a wide range of quality books. Our library will nurture a life-long love of reading for children and families.
When you subscribe to e-Library, you open up a world of adventure, giving your children access to age-appropriate and fun-filled books including read-along books, audio books and e-books. Parents and children of all age groups will love e-Library!

eBooks South Africa

A first for the homeschooling community in South Africa, e-Library helps children and families access popular and top-quality books. Much like a traditional library, items are booked out and can be read online or downloaded to an electronic device. Our books are age appropriate, ranging from pre-schoolers to adults and members can enjoy up to three books for a period of two weeks at any time.

Audio Books

Audio books offer a wonderful learning experience, at home or on the move. Children will be captivated by the narration of our audio books and be transported to new worlds with exciting tales, knowledge and adventure. Listening to stories develops fundamental language and also teaches essential listening skills. Audio books further expose children to pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar.

Read Books Online

Our online resources also familiarise children with digital technology, using a variety of platforms to unlock a world of knowledge, fun and information. These are ideal for homeschooling and supporting all children to read with confidence. e-Library offers secure solutions to ensure that children access age-appropriate resources in a controlled environment.

Homeschooling in South Africa

Homeschooling is currently one of the fastest-growing local trends in education and it’s becoming an increasingly popular choice. e-Library aims to be an integral aspect of homeschooling, providing families with quality reading material and audio books. We offer a variety of books through our digital library. e-Library is convenient and affordable and it enables homeschooled children and their parents to access online resources, anywhere, at any time. We provide varied content so that children of all age groups can read safely and easily across a variety of topics, with a fascinating range of themes.

Best books to read

  • The Fairest Beauty
  • The 5th Wave
  • Dog Diaries
  • Divide and Conquor
  • Winston and the Marmelade cat
  • Looking for Alaska
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  • ATOS Level and Lexile Measure – What does it mean?

    Have you noticed that when you take out certain books, an ATOS level or a Lexile measure is given? Both are measures of the difficulty and readability of a book. ...